So You Want to Make an RPG? (RPG Maker Tutorial List)

Since I started working with RPG Maker MV, I’ve been watching tutorials on YouTube every chance I get. A quick Google search can bring up tons of written and video tutorials from all over the web, and the following list compiles some of my favorite video resources. Feel free to check out all of these channels, because each presenter has their own style and voice.

1. chigooX: This creator has a sizable library of RPG Maker tutorials for VX Ace (the previous version of the engine), and has recently begun posting tutorial videos dealing with MV as well. His pace is perfect for total beginners who have never touched any version of RPG Maker before, and his style is very chill and relaxed.


2. BenderWaffles: He has a series of lively, medium-paced tutorial videos covering RPG Maker MV. The beginning videos start out in VX, but he includes a bonus video that teaches how to port a VX project to MV, which could prove very useful for those of you who have old projects that you started in the previous version of the engine and would like to continue in MV. In addition to his tutorials, he also has several tips-and-tricks and speed development videos to check out as well.


3. Echo607: Her tutorials are up-beat, with a bit of humor thrown in…and boy does she have a lot of them! From the basics of the engine to graphics and special effects, she’s got it all. Her voice is on the high-side, though, so if you don’t like the vocal pitch of 85% of female anime characters under the age of 25, then you may find her a little grating.


4. SRDude: Another very peppy tutor, he has a style that is very heavy on the humor but is all the same very informative. His tutorials can get kind of goofy at times, but they’re seriously fun to watch and extremely helpful.


5. PiratePoots: Don’t let the silly name fool you, this last tutor is another one of the more easy-going ones. His on-going series of tutorials gives you a step-by-step run-down of how the engine works and how to use each of its elements to its best advantage. I definitely recommend keeping an eye on this guy!


Well, thanks for popping in once again. Hopefully, a few of these creators will prove to be valuable resources for you as you create your own games…or even serve as inspiration for you to try your hand at game development yourself. If you have a favorite tutorial series you want to share, post a link in the comments below! Have a great day, and happy creating!