RPG Maker MV and Me

RPG’s are my favorite genre of games…particularly JRPG’s with turn-based battle systems and sprite graphics. Currently, I am working to master RPG Maker MV, a game engine which is built around the creation of just these sorts of games. With a practice game in progress, I’ve decided to share a few images of the custom graphics I”ll be putting in the game.

Ah, custom window graphics…because you don’t want your game looking just like every other beginner’s effort in RPG Maker, even if it is your practice game. I’ve currently got a finished window border, and will be revamping those default buttons and that sad little color pallet soon. Dear lord, those colors are ugly…

The font and colors for the damage text was kind of bland too…so I fixed it. I replaced “Miss” with “FAIL!!”, just for the fun of it, and changed the font up to something a little more modern. I can’t wait to see these when I battle test them later today!

My custom character sprites, also a work in progress. Above, you see what will be the overworld walking sprites for the game’s main character. Yes, that’s a mullet he’s sporting, and, no, his final eye color won’t be green and his clothes won’t be that bland. I created a simple template to build all of my character sprites off of, which considerably speeds up development time when it comes to graphics. Believe me, once you see the finished sprites, you’ll notice how much more impressive they’ll be than…well, this.

I’ll be posting screen shots of the game under development later today, including maps, and some of the NPC dialogue that’s in the game so far. Thanks for reading, and (even if you never come back) have a great day!