“Four Souls Saga”: First Ever Development Video!

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ll admit, but there’s been quite a bit going on behind the scenes. As you can see, the site is looking a bit spiffier since last time. Also, I’ve finally finished the bones of the first few minutes of Four Souls Saga: the first dungeon (100% with treasure and enemies) and the monastery (50%, still needs some cutscene cleanup and a few more NPC’s and flavor events).

To mark this momentous occasion, I’ve made a gameplay video that shows off some of what’s been completed so far. A bit of a parental advisory before you click on this video: There is some possibly offensive content in this game footage, including 2 instances of the S-word, 2 F-words, and an act of sexual harassment against a woman, so basically it’s a high MPAA PG-13 or low ESRB M rating. We at Cat Dragon Studios urge you to scoot any kids under 15, individuals who are easily disturbed by instances of sexual harassment, and extremely conservative adults out of the room before viewing. If you are a parent and you catch your kid, regardless of age, watching this and disapprove of the content, and they know you don’t like them seeing this kind of content, take their internet access away for a week (phone included, stick them with a crappy pre-paid flip-phone for the week and make them pay you for it) and give them a 30-minute lecture about going behind your back and watching “trash media” on the internet. You have our blessing.

With the parental advisories out of the way (because we at Cat Dragon Studios are responsible adults who take the time to fully inform people of the content of our original media), please enjoy the show.


If you have finished watching the video, thank you for watching. Please leave any feedback (constructive criticism, concerns, angry accusations of Devil worship, etc.) you have for us in the comments section down below. Have a wonderful day/night, and I hope we made you smile today!