Getting Started

Before you begin, make sure you have the following items:

• A Wooden or Mechanical #2 Pencil.
• An Eraser (either on the pencil or separate from it)
• A Pocket Calculator or The Calculator App on Your Phone

Fantamalia needs at least two players: one to five to play the Party of heroes and one to play the Narrator. The party explores the castle, room by room, in search of the five elemental crystals needed to unlock the throne room and confront the Dark Sorcerer, Tristan. The Narrator shuffles and deals the chest cards onto the board and controls enemy characters during encounters. However, the Narrator is not the Party’s enemy. Rather the Narrator represents the two things that no one can truly control—the randomness that is the universe and people and creatures who are not ourselves. The Narrator is neither an enemy nor ally of the Party, but a neutral force that can either help them achieve their ultimate goal of stopping Tristan and ending his reign, or wipe them all out with one run of bad luck.

If more than one player wants to be the Narrator or no one volunteers to be the Narrator, the disputing players must roll the D20 (20-sided die). The player who rolls the lowest number becomes the Narrator. If two or more players roll the same number, the tied players must roll again until a Narrator is finally decided.

Once all player roles are decided, the Narrator begins setting up the board according to the following checklist:

1. Shuffle and deal the Key Item chest cards

2. Shuffle and Deal the Item chest cards

3. Shuffle and Deal the Obstacle cards

While the Narrator is setting up the board, the Party picks their character classes and sets up their characters. In order to do this, they must:

1. Pick a Character Class

2. Stock your Inventory

Once the Party and Narrator are properly prepared and Encounter Rate and Time Modes have been selected, the adventure can begin!

Encounter Rate Modes

Brawler: Enemy Encounter rolls of 6 or higher trigger an encounter.

Even Stevens: Enemy Encounter Rolls of 11 or higher trigger an encounter.

Hippie Mode: Enemy Encounter Rolls of 16 or higher trigger an encounter.

Time Modes

Free Roam: No time limit.

Mission: You have 45 real world minutes to get to the Throne Room, or the Dark Sorcerer kicks you out!

Speed Run: You have 20 real world minutes to get to the Throne Room, or the Dark Sorcerer kicks you out!


To start their quest, the Party players must place their characters on the board by the front door of the castle. From this point on, the Party travels the castle one round at a time.

Round Structure

New Round Start: The Party chooses a room to explore. To do this, each Party member takes turns picking their destination for the round.

Room Exploration

Enemy Encounter Roll

Treasure Collection

Next Turn

Dealing with Enemies

When a group of enemies is encountered, the Party has four choices:

1. Fight

2. Flee

3. Punk

4. Chat:

A. Ask about the Dark Socrerer’s Motives

B. Ask about the Source of the Dark Sorcerer’s Power

C. Ask how the Dark Sorcerer is as a Boss

D. Shoot the Breeze

If Chatting with the enemy fails, the enemy party gets a free turn to strike at the Party and Chatting with the enemy is removed from the Party’s set of options for the rest of the encounter.