Development Screenshots Vol.1

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a new RPG? No?  But it’s not as boring as you think, I promise!


The entire first continent of the game already has a complete overworld map. What do the other continents look like, you ask? Like blank, green slates. Their time will come, though. Oh, they will come…

And what is an RPG without a dungeon. The map of the first dungeon, Seaside Wood, is still under construction, but the basic layout is complete. This is where the story will begin, as our hero, Fang, and his partner, Grall, save a wandering priestess from some nasty bandits…


Here, we have a test of the game’s first battle, as our heroes face off against the bandit gang! RPG Maker’s character generator is great for creating place-holder character sprites like these. Now, if only I could get that plugin for animated enemy sprites to work properly…


A quick look at my armor list for this section of the game…and, yes, I did create a whole tier of armor made of cheap plastic and polyester. I’m just that kind of gal.


Interesting NPC’s are as important to a good RPG as a decent combat system and a good story. I like to give NPC’s at least two bits of dialogue, as you can see with this little girl…

And when you talk to her a second time, you get this little exchange:

Don’t think I’m leaving the adults out of the funny dialogue party, though! Just check out this mom, enjoying her day off at the local tavern!


Well, that’s it for now. I’ll update you all later when I get the introduction scene up and running. Maybe a gameplay video could be in order for the occasion…? Until then, you can look forward to a post in a day or two listing some of my favorite YouTube channels that feature RPG Maker MV tutorials!

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