Character Classes


These plucky Genet wanderers are either irresistibly lovable or a real pain in the tail, depending on who you ask. With their well-rounded stats and broad knowledge pool, Adventurers are highly adaptable, even though they aren’t experts in any one area.

Innate Ability: Adaptability: When an enemy attacks or a trap is sprung, roll the D20. If the roll is 10 or greater, you can turn that trap or attack to your own advantage.


These immensely powerful Wolverine warriors of the Icy North are no good with magic, but they’re tough as nails with their superior strength and thick, weather-proof coats that make them impervious to ice-based spells.

Innate Ability: Glorious Coat: The Wolverine’s weather-proof coat repels all ice-based magic, reducing its damage immediately to 0.


These nocturnal thieves may look like rodents, but these stealthy Moonrats are actually members of the Hedgehog Clan. These nocturnal criminals rely more on their speed and brains to get by than pure brute force alone.

Innate Ability: Keen Nose: When entering a room for the first time, the player may peek at one chest card without actually flipping it over to claim the contents, and report their findings to the rest of the Party.


These Pangolin healers may have no teeth, but they are no pushovers. They can not only heal and boost their allies, but also weaken the enemy as well. Their own innate defenses are no joke either, as they have strong defenses and their sharp plates slice into their attackers!

Innate Ability: Sharp Plates: When you are hit by a either a normal or Special physical attack, your enemy takes damage equal 2 times to your level.


These mysterious Thylacine magicians have access to powerful elemental magic, and these mystical marsupials possess an uncanny ability to survive attacks that should render them unconscious.

Innate Ability: Not Quite Dead: When you take a hit that would normally reduce your Health to 0, roll the D20. If the roll is 10 or higher, you retain 1 point of Health and get to play dead until an opportune moment to strike arrives or the danger has passed.