Main Character Overworld Sprites: 1/4 Done!

It took a long time, squeezing it in between other projects, but I’ve finally done it. Fang’s overworld walking sprites are now complete!

Isn’t he adorable, folks? And, yes, werewolves in the world of Four Souls Saga do have tails 24/7. Since Leeah’s character design is pretty much finalized, she’ll be next after I’ve done Fang’s battle sprites.

Luckily, I’ll soon have much more time on my hands to work on this project. Things are winding down with my current assignment and the summer is going to be relatively calm. Honestly, I’m tempted to use a plugin in RPG Maker to increase the animation frames for smoother movement…but, then, considering that I’ll have to add extra frames to my template and apply that for other main characters and all of the random NPC sprites (that’s two genders, four age groups, four races, and different costumes for soldiers and priests/priestesses)…uh…maybe later…

Well, that’s it for this short mini-update. Stay tuned for more development news and don’t be afraid to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and have a great day/evening/”Every moment has blended together so endlessly that I’ve lost track of what day it even is, let alone what time it is!”

A Programmer Is Me!

After reading the first few chapters of JavaScript for Kids and watching a bit of SRDude’s RPG Maker plugin tutorial (and a bit of frustration) I’ve finally created my first plugin! The name is kind of generic (I’ll change it later), but its one and only function is fixing the text box size in RPG Maker MV. I’m quite proud of the result.

I thought I had finally learned enough JavaScript to take on a plugin, but the frustration and run-around I experienced just trying to figure out how to make something this simple has taught me that I still have only scratched the surface of the language. I understand some basic principles, but writing and modifying code is more than just serving up some hot, steaming coppypasta. It’s a true logic puzzle! It’s kind of daunting, but also exciting to see how much I still have to learn to master JS and get the most out of the RPG Maker engine.

Thanks for tuning into this short update. Be sure to come back soon for more news…or to watch me sweat and struggle through all of my trials and tribulations, either one. If you have any comments, tips, or feedback, don’t be shy about leaving a comment below. Have a great evening/day/mind-bending time warp!

The Saga Continues: First Look at Town #2

Hello, loyal readers. Boy, have I been a busy Bee! As you saw last week, I’ve got the intro to the game up and working. Well, shortly after I recorded that video, I realized something…the enemies in the woods weren’t regenerating! So, I did a bit of troubleshooting and, long story short, I had some switches that didn’t need to be there that were causing the trouble. Once that was fixed, I added the NPC homes to Tillia Village, including this odd scene…

And, yes, that house IS full of bread and I still have yet to figure out how to resize the text box so that it’s not sprawled across the whole screen (time for another Google search…).

But, with the majority of the intro portion done (still need to go back and add some book text…but I have a lot of bookshelves and not a lot of time), I’ve been designing the second dungeon (currently, it’s only down on paper) and the town it’ll be in. Introducing the town of Darisa, a former tourist town which hasn’t been the same since the Empire conquered Orlaya.

Its major claim to fame is its extensive waterworks (See that river and those ponds? Totally man-made!) and sewer system, where the Orlayan people made their last stand against the Empire’s forces. After the war, tourism dropped off, the town’s economy tanked, and things just haven’t been the same since. Some say organized crime has been gaining a foothold here in recent years, in fact…

The town still needs some more decoration and a few other tweaks, but the basic layout is there. Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and have an awesome day/night!


Ah, the joys of learning computer programing. I’ve been looking around for a while now for a good resource to learn JavaScript with in order to do some custom coding for Four Souls Saga. Unfortunately, I came across so many text-dense and terrifying resources are out there it was making my head spin! I’m not one of those people who can look at a page full of code and text and be just fine. I kind of need to be…eased into it.

Fortunately for me, I found the perfect book on my trip to Barnes & Noble today. (Yes, the actual store, not the website. I like actually buying physical books at a brick-and-mortar store like a cavewoman.) It’s called JavaScript for Kids, by Nick Morgan. Don’t be fooled by the “for kids” part of the title, though. In the first couple of hours with this book alone, I’ve already learned how to use variables, increments, decrements, plus-equals, minus-equals, and how to manipulate strings!  The laid-back, light-hearted tone and cute, colorful illustrations really help ease you into learning the material and makes you feel comfortable from the start…unlike the cold, text-heavy tutorials I’ve been finding online. Plus, since it’s a physical book, there’s no flipping back and forth between tabs or windows when you’re doing the examples. Instead, you’ve got the book open right beside you and all it takes is a simple turn of your head to check your work. Plus, since you’re not using a tablet or a Kindle (I’m sure there’s an ebook version for those who prefer that), there’s no frantic dash for the charger because the battery is critically low. There’s a method to my madness.

So, if you’ve thought of learning JavaScript before, but quickly backpedaled after taking one good look at the most recommended online tutorials, then you should definitely give this book a look. I mean, the author is a backend engineer for Twitter (yes, that Twitter) and the technical reviewer is on Twitter’s UI Framework team and not only blogs about JavaScript but has a couple of books on the subject under his belt as well. Believe me, you’ll be in good hands with this book!

Thanks for reading! Tune in next time for more updates on our RPG Maker project and other Cat Dragon Studios news. Until next time, happy creating and have a wonderful day/night/timeless eternity!

“Four Souls Saga”: First Ever Development Video!

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ll admit, but there’s been quite a bit going on behind the scenes. As you can see, the site is looking a bit spiffier since last time. Also, I’ve finally finished the bones of the first few minutes of Four Souls Saga: the first dungeon (100% with treasure and enemies) and the monastery (50%, still needs some cutscene cleanup and a few more NPC’s and flavor events).

To mark this momentous occasion, I’ve made a gameplay video that shows off some of what’s been completed so far. A bit of a parental advisory before you click on this video: There is some possibly offensive content in this game footage, including 2 instances of the S-word, 2 F-words, and an act of sexual harassment against a woman, so basically it’s a high MPAA PG-13 or low ESRB M rating. We at Cat Dragon Studios urge you to scoot any kids under 15, individuals who are easily disturbed by instances of sexual harassment, and extremely conservative adults out of the room before viewing. If you are a parent and you catch your kid, regardless of age, watching this and disapprove of the content, and they know you don’t like them seeing this kind of content, take their internet access away for a week (phone included, stick them with a crappy pre-paid flip-phone for the week and make them pay you for it) and give them a 30-minute lecture about going behind your back and watching “trash media” on the internet. You have our blessing.

With the parental advisories out of the way (because we at Cat Dragon Studios are responsible adults who take the time to fully inform people of the content of our original media), please enjoy the show.


If you have finished watching the video, thank you for watching. Please leave any feedback (constructive criticism, concerns, angry accusations of Devil worship, etc.) you have for us in the comments section down below. Have a wonderful day/night, and I hope we made you smile today!